Pre-Built Startup Platform
Keep Calm and Learn to Code
Learn to Code while building your startup.
Most startups consist of the same basic elements; user profiles, databases, forms, search, etc. We've pre-built it all for you. Build your startup faster than ever with our pre-built startup platform. All you need to do add your concept and begin building your startup.
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Stripe API Integration
Everything is all setup and ready for you to use the Stripe credit card billing to charge your clients.
Facebook Connect
With our platform you can integrate Facebook Connect in one easy step and start connecting your users together based on their social graph.
LinkedIn API
Your users will be able to connect and verify their profiles using the LinkedIn API. It's a snap with our code.
SendGrid Emailing
Emailing your clients and getting through spam filters is a breeze with SendGrid. It's already integrated with DIY Startup.
Twilio SMS API
Twilio is built in to help you communicate with your users via SMS. Their API is super simple and it makes life easier when building text based tools.
jQuery Integration
jQuery is a simple way to handle javascript. We've integrated the use of it throughout our platform to keep things simple and make it easy to manipulate the user experience.
HTML5 Utilization
Our platform utilizes standard HTML5 and CSS3 standarsds including mobile responsiveness, animations, hovers, etc.
Pre-Built CSS3
We've pre-built a base CSS3 document for you to use and learn from for your startup. It handles the basics elements of a website including centering, boxes, form inputs, etc.
Pre-Built AJAX
We've pre-built many universal functions using AJAX and will teach you how to make them work properly. We've made it simple and you'll be surprised how easy it really is.
PHP Language
PHP is the most popular coding language in the world. We use it because it's easy to find answers, cheap to host and cheaper to find a developer who can help you build your startup.
MySQL Databases
MySQL is the defacto database for the majority of websites throughout the world. It's the fastest way to get off the ground and with PHPmyAdmin things should stay simple for you.
phpMyAdmin Tool
phpMyAdmin is a web interface for MySQL. You'll be working in this tool to help you learn SQL syntax and start to understand relational databases.
Smarty Templates
Smarty Templates lets you do PHP code without doing PHP code. It will translate your basic HTML into PHP statements for you. It will make building your startup so much easier.
Google Optimized
Every neccessary page of your website will be found by Google. We have had websites with over 13 million pages indexed using our platform.
User Management
Users are able to login, edit their profile, add a profile photo, view their public profiles, follow other users and more. All pre-built and ready to go.
Site Search
Your users will be able to search your site easily. The complexity is all up to you. It can be as simple or as difficult as you want.
Feed & Grid Layouts
You can choose between using feed layouts like on Facebook or Grid layouts like on Pinterest. We'll show you how to make these happen with ease.
Google Web Fonts
Google Web Fonts let's you use stylized fonts without needing to create images. This makes designing without Photoshop easy and cuts down on design time drastically.
Activity Feeds
Many modern websites utilize activity feeds to keep their users engaged. Our platform has these already built and ready to go. You just need to identify what shows up in the feed for your users.
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