The step-by-step handbook
for aspiring entrepreneurs with a Do It Yourself ethos

An alternative exploration of
establishing, building, and growing your brand from the ground up


Identify and target emerging markets to establish your brand early and gain market share in the niche and micro-niche spheres.


Develop a comprehensive roadmap for developing your brand or product from idea to launch with minimal outside influence.


Discover new opportunities within your market and diversify your product lines to grow your brand and business.

Table of Contents
9 Informative chapters on creating, building, and growing your brand

Thomas Lopez

Inspiring inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur

Thomas Lopez holds over twenty unique patents and has brought numerous products to market in multiple industries. With more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience, his spirit of innovation and creating novel products continues. In DIY Startup, he details his experience in bringing a product to market from concept to launch.

His passion for creating brands and products has seen him develop products with national distribution, create novel musical equipment, and develop robust online marketplaces and app-based communities. By retaining control and minimizing outside investment or influence, DIY Startup explains how entrepreneurs can craft their vision and bring it to life.

Lopez has built a framework based on best practices that details every phase of the product development process and explores the patent process. This guide allows entrepreneurs to develop a comprehensive roadmap from concepting to product launch. A unique perspective empowers entrepreneurs to confidently create a full scope for their brand or product launch.

Available Spring 2021 in Print, Ebook, and Across all Digital Platforms